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We are already helping hundreds of schools throughout the UK to save money on their printing costs.
We offer the Lexmark CS725DE duplex network laser printer on a free rental basis so that you only pay for the consumables used in the printer (toner cartridges and waste bottles). The printer is provided with free warranty and free telephone support as part of a three year agreement.
Use the form below to estimate the cost of printing based on your own printer and compare it with having the free use of an
LNL Printers for Schools Lexmark CS725DE. Visit the LNL printers for Schools web site for full details.

Laser Print Cost Estimator

1. Choose from the pre-loaded printers in the drop-down lists and click on 'Load Data'.

Printer manufacturer
Printer model

2. Enter your own printer cost details and click on 'Estimate' at the end of the form.

Important! Inkjet cartridge yields are calculated using different criteria to those used for laser cartridges and cannot therefore be used in this calculator. See HP Inkjet Page Yields.

The prices shown exclude VAT and are the prices charged to schools (correct as at 1 December 2016). Print the results below

Capital cost £
Lexmark CS725DE - Capital cost £0
Item Stated yield
(pages @ 5% cover)

Price £
Stated yield
(pages @ 5% cover)

Price £
Black toner cartridge 20,000 148.50
Cyan toner cartridge 12,000 129.50
Magenta toner cartridge 12,000 129.50
Yellow toner cartridge 12,000 129.50
Required if imaging/print unit is a separate item to the toner cartridge.
Black print unit 150,000 0
Cyan print unit 150,000 0
Magenta print unit 150,000 0
Yellow print unit 150,000 0
Single multi-colour print unit
If present
Waste box/tray 90,000 16.50
Fuser unit 150,000 0
Transfer belt
Transfer roller
Real world yield Reduce to Toner yields rarely reflect the maximum stated yield. Use this percentage figure to reflect 'in-the-field' consumable yields. Refilled or remanufactured toners may yield considerably less than a genuine toner and the yield is not generally guaranteed. % Reduce to The Lexmark toners are typically yielding 90-95% of the stated yield at 5% coverage. Use this percentage figure to reflect 'in-the-field' consumable yields. %
Cost per page


Mono cost/page


Colour cost/page



Mono cost/page


Colour cost/page


Save up to 1.61p per mono print and 7.60p per colour print plus a saving of £300.00 on equipment by taking the
Lexmark CS725DE on the LNL Printers for Schools scheme.
Print the results above

Refilled or remanufactured toner cartridges

Do you use refilled or remanufactured toner cartridges?
See the SpencerLab findings - HP LaserJet Toner Cartridges vs. Non-HP Brands in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East & Africa)

Important The results shown are theoretical maximum yields based on information that you provide. In a typical working environment, the number of pages printed may be less (usually between 60% and 95% of the stated yield). This will depend upon the coverage, how intermittent the use is and a number of other factors. The figures produced should only be used to produce a relative indication of the cost of using various colour laser printers. This estimator is therefore not guaranteed to give accurate figures and in using it you accept this. We respect your privacy. No information identifying you or your computer will be collected by LNL when you use this basic cost estimator.

LNL are always pleased to provide more detailed advice and assistance to enable a more accurate analysis of printing costs. Please contact us for further information. In the near future we will also update this site with more advanced tools and guides so please check back. Any feed back from users is very welcome.
Email printersforschools@lnl.co.uk or call 01377 271167

Telephone number 01377 271167
Actual School Results
These are the actual usage figures for schools that are already on the LNL Printers for Schools scheme and using the Lexmark C748DE laser printer.

School A

Printer 1CPP(p)
Printer 2CPP(p)
Printer 3CPP(p)

School B

Printer 1CPP(p)

School C

Printer 1CPP(p)
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Consumable Yields
Although manufacturers provide yield data for their consumables, they are obtained using ideal continuous printing conditions and may not reflect the results found in everyday use. In addition, refilled or remanufactured toners usually provide lower yields (see this Buyers Lab study for Hewlett-Packard).
Use the percentage adjustment figures to reflect the real-world yields that you may be experiencing.

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